THOUGHTS: Confession of a Millennial

It is to my embarrassment that I admit, I am a millennial. Through and through, every bad and good quality of this generation I have. It has been a struggle for me to admit this fact.

Hello, My name is Taryn Tavella and I am a Millennial.

I like instant gratification, I think I am invincible, and I am constantly striving for better.

All of these things can be bad when I am the youngest employee (including the interns) at my company. When I first started working I was self conscious of this fact. I felt bad that I was so young and that I was stereotyped for being a certain way because of it.

Lately I have learned to embrace this title and use it to my advantage.

The Millennial Generation (born 1982-2004) today comprises roughly 100 million people mostly in their teens and 20s.

What inspired this confession was an article I read today on WIRED.

This generation has such an influence on the digital world. It surprises me how intuitive we are to something not human. What is even more amazing is how human-like we are making technology. This humanization is because of the demand for a seamless experience. Technology needs to adapt to the fact that the real world and the digital world are intertwined in our life.

The most amusing thing about this article is that WIRED claimed that the  zombie apocalypse has arrived and it is in the form of  youths being drones to technology.  This fact scares me but I must admit there is some truth to it.  As much as I rant about sustainability and my love for nature I still am not me without my connection to the world through a digital device.

I think that it is about balancing the drone + addict inside of use with the other amazing qualities that our generation possess. Rather then letting technology make us zombies we need to utilize our tech skills to create a better future.  So as the last step in my 3-Step program in admitting that I am a millennial. I will step away from the screen and I will appreciate the self-confident, determined, social qualities of my millennial self.

Bellow are some other great articles about my generation.


A new documentary about the digital age and the new found freedom and rebellion associated with it and design.


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