INSPIRATION: Lenka Clayton

Lenka Clayton is a British conceptual artist whose work considers, exaggerates and alters the accepted rules of everyday life, extending the familiar into the realms of the poetic and absurd.


Lenka Clayton is an artist that I found while combing through the vortex of the internet.  The work that I found most interesting was her collaboration with Michael Crowe, a project called Mysterious Letters.

Their goal is to “write a unique hand-written (or hand-typed) letter to every household in the world. Each letter is different, and where possible personally addressed. They sign them “love Michael & Lenka”, and write in a chatty, friendly tone about topics of possible mutual interest; the weather, gentleness, Roseanne, etc.”

Although this project is from 2009 it is an ongoing endeavor and I am so inspired by its creativity and community building.  They hoped these unsolicited letters would prompt neighborly discussion, spreading across the town, promoting community curiosity. The art work consists solely of the discussion between the recipients about what on Earth these letters are, who sent them and why, etc.

Here are some letters from the project:

14_knockmoy_fold  17_knockmoy_fold09_knockmoy_fold 3204_downing 3206_Brereton felsen061 felsenstr_34_nAN039 felsenstr_38_max033 michael_lenka_02 michael_lenka_05 office_flowers


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