MOTIVATION: 1970s + 1930s con’t

Today I am not in an inspired mood, I need to be it is a Monday…So I am going to recycle some past ideas and dig deeper into my trend forecasting brain. Time to get more facts on the 1970s and 1930s fashion correlation. Last weekend I went vintage shopping. It was a lovely time with musky smells and worn fabrics. I get a high off of this kind of shopping. I don’t know if it is the nostalgic escape I get when I imagine the clothes past lives or if it is the thrill of the hunt for the perfect piece. Either way vintage shopping is some sort of euphoric drug for me that I just can’t quit.

Well, while I was shopping I mentioned my observation of the 1970s and 1930s parallel. A lovely starry eyed sales women informed me that the 1970s was when women stated vintage shopping and thrifting, most of these pieces were from the 1930s. Excited that this proved my theory, today I went on a hunt to find proof.

I searched the internet and cannot find many facts on when vintage shopping first started, there is barely anything listed at all on the topic. I am a bit disappointed and am to go to a library at some point soon.

What seems to be the most excited it that these styles are coming back into fashion today. So around every 40 years we will repeat fashion history?







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