THOUGHTS: This page does not exist…

It was a snowy day in the city, the kind of snow that hurt it scratched your face and knocked you into buildings and pushed you to the ground if you were not careful.

At work in fear of getting beat up again I remained safely at my desk sucked into the world wide web ( do people even call it this anymore?). I found myself in a usual rabbit hole of research, blogs and boredom. When I was just about to nod off  hypnotized by the artificial glow and warmth from the heater I came upon a familiar page.

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 5.13.27 PM

Admittedly I was on a psychology site when I was directed to this screen. This could be the cause of the next rant. But when I saw the words “page doesn’t exist” I went off. My head started putting together associations with existence, reality, and how this is all just a metaphor for our non existence. Because the page does in fact exist. It is there, there is coding on it and type, and even a link! But what does it mean to exist?

As you can see from this blog my brain makes weird associations all linking back to humanity as a whole, or fashion haha…

I then Googled, Google I should write a post or poem rather about my love for Google. In fact Google this year is my valentine.

Once on google  I found this great link to a webpage that made me laugh.



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