MOTIVATION: getting creative

I have been very inspired lately by a blog called VOID . It has lead to the motivation for me to delve into my creative side and begin working on more mixed media projects.

It is a blog that was created by the graphic design studio Qubik. I am not sure the intentions behind the blog posts besides inspiration. But what I found so interesting was the sequence of posts. The have the most miscellaneous images that somehow go together. It is surreal and minimal and just plain random.

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 2.47.26 PM

This blog has given me the urge to start creating mixed media art and to journal and collage. The idea of making anything art truly inspires me.

I have been motivated from Void to start some of the random blogs that i mentioned in my Why post. I have also begun to research more about the Dada and Surrealist art moments.  They are relevant in creating art from the nonsensical.

I keep questioning what I see in my everyday life that can constitute as art. I then wonder how if this image such as my work phone next to an image of the dying orchid on my desk have any meaning, could they be seen as art when displayed as such? Is there deeper meaning behind the two images?

I thought of collage and then even found footage film, the creative possibility of this subject matter is endless and motivational.


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