“Anemic Cinema” by Marcel Duchamp.

Dada art has always been an interest of mine. I can remember studying Art History in school and loving the name Dada to remember the artistic movement. “Dada” (in the tune of tada) I would cheer.  To show that something as miscellaneous as a urinal can be seen as art.


Dada goes far beyond found objects or ‘readymades’…

I am most intrigued with its influence of the Surrealist movement and the film that came out of this artistic vision.

To summarize,  Dadaism (Disambiguation) was an art movement founded in Switzerland in the early 20th century. Its values include the embrace of the nonsensical, irrational, surreal, chaotic, and spontaneous.

Here is a quote from the essay Morsden Hartley wrote:

“Dada-ist”: one who finds no one thing more important than any other one thing.

The Dada movement has some elements of Nihilism.

Francis Picabia poem:

“Dada smells of nothing, nothing, nothing.

It is like your hopes: nothing.

Like your paradise: nothing.

Like your idols: nothing.

Like your politicians: nothing.

Like your heroes: nothing.

Like your artists: nothing.

Like your religions: nothing.”

Dadaism is past idolatry.

The idea of nothing I would like to rant about in a positive way because I tend to see the cup half full. Nihilism is defined as  a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless. Meaningless also is a word associated with Nihilism.  Denial of all real.

I like this last point, denial of all real, questioning art and reality. Questioning authority..causing artists and viewers to think.

NOTHING nothing no thing.

The state of nonexistence. I can go on and on about this.

But for now i will remain inspired by the Dada movement and my own urge to use found footage to create these chaotic films that could lead to more creativity in my life.


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