INSPIRIATION: Fashion Connections

I have been on a 1960s kick ever since I fell in love with the music. This has influenced my personal style and my vintage shopping.

However when I found out that the Museum at FIT has come out with a new exhibit called “Elegance in the age of Crisis: Fashion of the 1930s“, I fell in love with the era. The 1920s and 30s are just stunning and innovating. As I scoured the internet for more 30s fashions I noticed that it’s street wear style and leisure wear had an aesthetic similar to that of the 1970s.

Key details the 30s and 70s had in common:

stripes, hats, wide leg tailoring, tight knit sweaters, pussy bows, fur and stars

I will most likely go into a farther rant on this but for now….Bellow is a quick layout of the 1970s styles (in color) next to their 1930s counterpart (black and white)



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