I have a slew of blogs that I mess around with. They are all miscellaneous ideas that I get in which I try to keep up but very rarely follow through. Also besides Hopeless Romantic most of these blogs are image driven. Therefore I can rarely go on a rant about my thoughts, motivations, and ideas in them.

For example Accidental is a blog where I post all of the photos that my phone takes that I don’t mean for it to. I offer people to post their art as well. I call this art because when you view all of theses mistaken instances together it creates a stunning story. Most of the photos are dark and blurry some are even just screen shots that didn’t mean to happen are black screens. But to see the beauty in everything and anything was the overall intention of this blog.

Another random blog that I try to update often is Screenshot. This blog was thought up when I laughed out loud at the image that resulted from pausing a movie to get the food I ordered. I took a screenshot and have been trying to take screen shots of moments ever since.  Displaying them in a blog as if it is art makes the whole thing even more comical.

The blog of all the blogs..or rather the Tumblr of all the Tumblrs. That I dedicate time and love to is City Seams. I have had this blog since I first moved to New York City in 2009.  It is virtually a visual archive of who I am and what inspires me as I navigate through the city. It is a mess of vintage photos, fashion stylings,  mystical visions, and any other image that catches my eye.

So as I update and archive and get inspired I found a need to create this blog. A blog where I can rant away about the imagery I find or thoughts that pop in my head or future projects I wish to pursue.  I have a notebook but I find it hard to update and maintain and carry around.  Thoughts, Motivations, and Inspirations (TMI for short) will be my resource for letting out all of my TMIs.




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